Utilzás, S. A.

Started its activity in March 1976, and its activity mainly directed towards the production of reinforcing bar and bathroom accessories.
In 1989, the Utilzás has significantly increased its manufacturing and administrative area (+ 2000 m 2), representing a milestone in the company`s structure.
In 1999, and culminating an evolutionary process, the company became a public limited company with 305,000 .00 Euros of capital.
Currently, the Utilzás, S.A. has a total area of 16500m2, of which 8900m2 correspond to the covered area and the area surrounding discovery 7600m2 to the factory.
In years in which there was the award SME Excelence, Utilzás received this award, now awarded PME Líder due to change in the parameters of IAPMEI requirement, being that as soon as these requirements are fulfilled, it will be automatically assigned the SME Excelence.
The social object of Utilzás, S.A. focuses in manufacturing various metal products not elsewhere classified, which CAE 25992, according the revision 2 of 1994, with the identification number of the legal person (NIPC) 500619778.